The butchers gave me a way to avoid a new outbreak of the coronavirus in Russia

The preservation of restrictive measures that are necessary to comply with social distance, will prevent a new outbreak COVID-19. This was written in the telegram, the doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov.

The expert emphasizes that the epidemic of the coronavirus is "breathed out", but it does not have to go, "slamming the door". In his opinion, the schedule of walks for residents of Moscow is a necessary measure.

The doctor notes that the resurgence of infected coronavirus infection can lead to inevitable extension of quarantine measures.

Myasnikov believes that they will be able to cope with partial immunity and experience of preventive actions.

"And yet eternal: "Hurry slowly!" — he concluded.

In Russia for the entire period of the pandemic, has registered 387 thousand cases COVID-19, recovered almost 160 thousand patients, 4374 people died.

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