Media published a new video of the detention of Floyd

Another appeared in the Internet the video shows that African-American George Floyd, who died in police custody in the us city of Minneapolis, at the same time kept three policemen, not one, reports CNN.

The death of Floyd caused the riots in Minneapolis and other cities after the appearance of "viral" video for his detention. The record shows, as police pushed African American and handcuffed him, and one of the officers leaned a knee on his neck. The detainee first few times he says he can't breathe and then losing consciousness. Floyd was hospitalized, he died in intensive care.

The second video, which now appeared on the Internet, recorded from a different angle. The record shows that Floyd held three policemen, not one. In addition to the officer, who pressed a knee to the head on the neck, the other two also leaned on him again, pressing him to the ground.

CNN notes that the employees of the TV channel failed to find the person who shot this video. In addition, the channel was sent to the Minneapolis field office request to verify the authenticity of the recording, but got no response.

The four officers who detained Floyd, was fired on may 26, and one of which 29 may was charged with manslaughter. The investigation into the death of Floyd has joined the FBI, which declared the case a priority.