The Congress was afraid of "the rise of Putin" because of the US withdrawal from the DON

Democratic congressmen from the foreign Affairs Committee of the U.S. house of representatives headed by Chairman Elliot Engel on Friday sent a letter to Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, in which he condemned the coming US withdrawal from the Treaty on open skies and demanded an explanation in connection with this step.

The President of the United States Donald trump last week announced that Washington was six months out of the Treaty on open skies and will be outside of the agreement, while Russia "does not fulfill its obligations." However, he did not rule out the development of new agreements. Russia has repeatedly denied accusations by the U.S. in breach of Contract. The Russian foreign Ministry said that Moscow will negotiate with the United States, including by Contract, only on a reciprocal basis, and any ultimatums from Washington are unacceptable.

In the letter, lawmakers point to several factors that bother them most.

First, the authors of the letter are concerned with Russia in the context of the situation in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine.

"Leaving it (the agreement – ed.), the United States will lose one of the last agreements on arms control that Russia holds the responsibility and provides a tool for providing critical transparency to prevent failures and uncertainties that can lead to a major war. We will lose access to the public intelligence, which, for example, was crucial to monitor the Russian military aggression against Ukraine," write the congressmen.

Evaluate the possible financial implications of the administration's trump for American taxpayers. "There is no doubt that the systematic dismantling of this administration the control regimes for conventional and nuclear weapons in the long run will cost much more", - assured the legislators.

Third, the congressmen worried that trump have not previously notified Congress of plans to withdraw from the Treaty – they believe that the President thereby violated the law.

The fourth claim is that the decision of trump harm relations with allies, which, as assured in the Committee, and no one really asked. Congressmen are concerned that the administration is trying to combine incompatible things: while the allies concerned about Russia's behavior and it would be logical to keep the contract to control