The doctor gave advice on how to strengthen the lungs during a pandemic

Pulmonologist Department of pathology clinical Institute named after M. F. Vladimirsky, physician Alexey Nikishenkov in the air "the Fifth channel" showed five of the best exercises that strengthen the respiratory system.

The first exercise should be performed sitting on a chair. You should raise your arms up while breathing nose. After that you should move your hands and exhale through the mouth, folded tube. For the second exercise should also sitting on a chair lift your hands to the sides and bring them as if you yourself embrace. Thus it is necessary to exhale through the lips from the tube.

For the following exercises, you need to get up, to gather hands in a "lock" in front of you, lift them, bend your back and take one leg back. Hands up — inhale, hands down — exhale. Another exercise that is performed standing, it requires you to raise your hands up while taking a deep breath. Then lower the hands and exhale, to sit on his haunches.

Finally, for the fifth exercise, you must keep your hands in front of him, to dissolve and reduce them as if you yourself embrace. Hand movements should be accompanied by sharp inhales and exhales.

According to the expert, each exercise should be repeated eight to ten times, making two or three approaches. Rest between sets should be about 9-15 seconds. However, he noted that some people exercise is contraindicated, each required consultation with a doctor.

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