In Minneapolis declared a curfew

In Minneapolis, where because of the death of an African-American George Floyd started a riot, and a curfew.

It will operate Friday from 20.00 local time until 6: 00 on Saturday (from 14.00 to 04.00 GMT) and during the same hours in the night on Sunday.

An exception is made for law enforcement, national guard and emergency services, as well as for the homeless and for those who are "forced to flee from danger." Therefore, restrictions apply to journalists. After this was brought to the attention of mayor Jacob Frey, he's on Twitter has promised to "fix it".

Violators of the curfew will be fined up to one thousand dollars or imprisonment for the term up to 90 days.

In Minnesota and some other States this week began with mass protests and unrest after the placement of online video, which captured the incident on may 25 in Minneapolis, the arrest of George Floyd on suspicion that he paid at the store with counterfeit cash. On black handcuffed me, threw it on the road. Police officer — white male — pushed him with his knee on the neck. Floyd shouted that he could not breathe but the police, as seen on the recording, do not pay attention to it. Shortly thereafter, the African American died at the hospital. The four officers who detained Floyd, was fired on may 26.

Began may 26 in Minneapolis the protests escalated into clashes with police, looting of shops and arson. The city declared a state of emergency. The Governor of Minnesota was brought in to maintain order soldiers of the national guard of the United States. On Friday, the Hennepin County attorney Michael Freeman said that the state government has charged former police officer charged with manslaughter.

Donald trump said that he had spoken to the family of the deceased African-American, and called the police actions "horrific."