Trump announced the severance of relations with the who

President Donald trump announced the termination of U.S. relations with the world health organization.

The head of state motivated by the fact that the who refused to implement reforms demanded by the American side. Trump said that the United States will forward funds that were intended for financing organizations for the urgent need of health care around the world.

Earlier, the us leader has written to the Director of Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus a letter in which he threatened to cut funds for the support of the who, if that will not reform during the month. He said that the White house found evidence of an unsuccessful response from the organization at the outbreak of the pandemic COVID-19.

In the document it was stated that the who allegedly ignored reports about the spread of the coronavirus in Wuhan in December of last year and has not conducted independent research. The American authorities asserted that the organization received from Taiwan information on the "emergency health" at the end of 2019, but did not reveal it to anyone.

Trump also noted that the world health organization insisted on admission to the center of an epidemic international experts and approved by the Chinese authorities to ban movement within the country, but opposed the closure of the us borders or a ban on entering the United States from China.

The CEO of the organization tedros adhanom Ghebreyesus refused to comment on the decision of trump.

At the same time, the who representative in Africa Michel Yao said that the US refusal to Finance the organization will affect the ability of regional countries to deal with crises threatening public health, including pandemic coronavirus.

"This is a bad time to withdraw any contributions. It requires greater solidarity. Perhaps developed countries are less in need who, but for our continent presence who really need to continue to help countries. We have countries that are experiencing protracted crisis," — he said RIA Novosti.

Yao added that the organization is the source of 80 percent of the health budget in Africa, and the fifth part of this amount is accounted for US – this is a great contribution from one country. Help comes in various measures such as compiling programs, sending experts to help to implement them, monitoring of the epidemiological situation, the response to the crises in the health sector. According to the representative of the organization, the termination of this funding will have serious consequences.

Among other things, this would harm the health workers, some of which are struggling specifically with COVID-19, and the other no less important threats, such as Ebola, malaria and other deadly diseases, he concluded.

The Russian foreign Ministry criticized the US position. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called it a defamation of who. He stressed that any organization should strive to improve their activities, but this should be done through constructive dialogue.

The representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova called attempts by the us authorities to turn the who into a platform to settle political scores is inappropriate.

The European Union has also called for consolidation around the organization amid pandemic coronavirus.

In China's foreign Ministry called the US actions by trying to put the blame for the ineffectiveness of the preventive measures COVID-19.

According to the latest data, the number of infected exceeded 5.6 million, about 350 thousand people died.