Russia plans to expand its base in Syria

President Vladimir Putin instructed the foreign Ministry and the defense Ministry to hold talks with representatives of Syria's transfer of Russian military additional real property and waters. The document published on the official portal of legal information.

The draft of Protocol No. 1 to the agreement on the deployment in Syria of Russian aircraft group 26 August 2015 approved by the government. On reaching an agreement with the Syrian side of the Agency must sign it on behalf of Russia.

According to experts in the field of international relations Alexander ionov, Russia must maintain a military presence in the Arab country to maintain stability in the middle East.

He recalled that after the withdrawal of the bulk of Iranian forces, Russia remains the only foreign power, which is an official request from Damascus acts in Syria and fighting with terrorist organizations.

"The Iranian side announced the withdrawal of most its troops, the Lebanese Hezbollah, too, the troops returned home. Therefore, only Russia today is the backbone and guarantor of stability in the region. There was only one terrorist hotbed – of Idlib. This means that the goal of the Russian side," — said Ions in comments to Moskovsky Komsomolets.

He suggested that the decision on expansion of domestic bases due to the need to increase the security of Russian military facilities in the Arab country.

From September 2015, Russia has pursued in Syria operation against the terrorist group ISIS * in response to a formal request from Damascus.

From this time on the basis Hamim indefinitely is an aviation group of the Russian HQs. In 2017, Moscow and Damascus also signed another document which is in Tartus can based on up to 11 Russian ships, including one equipped with nuclear energy installations.

It was also intended to expand ship-repair capabilities of the base. The agreement will be valid for 49 years, and then will automatically continue for another quarter century.

*Banned in Russia as a terrorist organization