In Belarus detained a blogger who wanted to run for President

Blogger Sergei tikhanovski, who planned to stand as a candidate in the presidential elections in Belarus, was detained in Grodno on Friday, Sputnik of Belarus.

Earlier tikhanovski could not register the initiative group to collect signatures in support of his nomination as a presidential candidate, because at that time he was serving an administrative arrest and could not personally sign the documents for submission to the CEC. Meanwhile, the initiative group was registered spouse Tikhanovski – Svetlana, and now she's running for President. The blogger himself is the head of its initiative group.

"In Grodno during a picket to collect signatures was detained blogger tikhanovski. Footage of the arrest was caught on video broadcast of the meeting of the blogger with the residents of the city", - stated in the message.

RIA Novosti does not yet have an operational review of the Ministry of interior regarding the detention Tikhanovski.

The portal posted a video of detention, which is seen as tikhanovski is on the square in Grodno among his supporters, his sleeve tried to grab the woman, who shouted: "Wait, don't run away." She was able to push supporters Tikhanovski. Blogger called a woman a provocateur.

After that on the square there were two police officers, one of them introduced himself as a district inspector. The woman who tried to stop Tikhanovski, told them I asked a blogger a question, but he refused to answer it and it "runs away". The police came to Tikhanovski, one of them took him by the sleeve of a jacket, and gathered at the picket people began to push bloggers from law enforcement. Then one of the policemen was on the pavement. Tikhanovski said he did not understand what was happening and called it a provocation. Then, the blogger approached by two Riot policemen who detained him.

On Friday the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko visited the Minsk tractor plant, where he talked with the team. Answering one of the questions Lukashenko spoke about his rivals in the presidential election and expressed doubt that the electoral campaign can defeat a woman. Speaking of Tikhanovski, the President called him "mangy" which "here goes, screaming in Minsk and in other cities". At the same time Lukashenko noted that he knows "whose machines he drives, who his finances". According to the head of state, he is aware also, came tikhanovski and "what's his citizenship."

Presidential elections in Belarus scheduled for 9 August. Signatures in support of nomination of presidential candidates gather 14 initiative groups, including political campaign involved Lukashenko. Signatures need to collect at least 100 thousand. The nomination will take place from 20 June to 4 July, the registration of candidates from 5 to 14 July. After that starts the period of election campaign.