The Federation Council has proposed fining for leaving children on the street at night

The Federation Council has suggested the Ministry of justice to introduce in the new Code of administrative offences fines for parents whose children are in the night in public places without adult supervision.

"We offer complete project of the code of administrative offences with new part as follows: Violation of the parents or other legal representatives of minors rights and interests of minors, expressed in the presence of minors at night in public places ... without their parents or other legal representatives of minors - shall entail the imposition of an administrative fine in the amount from 3 thousand to 5 thousand rubles", - stated in the letter from the head of the Federation Council Committee on constitutional legislation Andrei Klishas in the name of the Deputy head of the Ministry of justice Denis Novak (at the disposal of RIA Novosti).

Among the public places they call including streets, stadiums, parks, squares, public transport.

Also the reason for the penalty, the senators parents consider when children are without adult supervision "at the facilities of legal entities or citizens engaged in entrepreneurial activities without forming a legal entity, which is designed to provide access to the Internet and for sales of services in the sphere of trade and catering (organizations or points) for entertainment, leisure, where the established order provided retail sale of alcoholic products".

According to senators, the stay of minors in public places without adults creates conditions for violations, and public acts on the part of children and in their relationship.

"It is proposed to Supplement this article by qualified staff, providing responsibility for finding of minors at night in public places (liability for failure to comply with the "children's curfew")," - said in the letter.