Golikova explained the problem with the statistics of mortality in Russia in April

The data on mortality in Russia in April, failed to prepare for 29 may as planned, because not all registry offices in the regions, met from 25 March to 11 may, said Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova.

"The twenty-ninth of may, we had to publish official data on the statistics of natural movement of population, which includes all indicators and fertility, and deaths, and marriages, and divorces, and a number of other indicators, but due to the fact that from March 25 to may 11 was declared non-working days and functioned only those areas that provided the livelihood in some regions of the state organs of registration of acts of civil status also worked, and therefore were not able to enter data into a unified system of state registration of acts of civil status, which is maintained on", - Golikova said at the briefing.

She explained that the principal difference of Russia from other countries is that in Russia is policeboy records of all births and of all deaths. "And we online know what is happening with the statistics of natural movement of population. Unfortunately, April did not allow us this work to finish," said Deputy Prime Minister.

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