In the Parking lot of the Museum in new York there was a huge picture of a health professional

. A giant picture of a healthcare worker without a face, but the mask appeared in front of the Queens Museum in new York, according to Artnet.

Drawing created as a tribute to the memory of the victims COVID-19 artist Cuban-American Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada, he suggests that soon will end.

It's called Somos La Luz in Spanish means "We are the light."

"I wanted to create a space where you can grieve and realize it is so hard for those who lost their loved ones," commented the artist their work to the publication.

The image is so large in size that it can be seen from the satellite.

"This is the place where in the current difficult political situation, we could be as close again and to feel their national community", – he explained.

Rodriguez-Gerada chose this area of new York because it is home to many Hispanics and African Americans, among whom the mortality rate from coronavirus above.