China urged the United States and Britain not to interfere in the internal Affairs

The permanent representative of China to the UN Zhang Jun urged the US and Britain not to interfere in the internal Affairs of China against the background of the discussions around the situation in Hong Kong, said the Chinese permanent mission.

Acute dissatisfaction with the anti-government forces in Hong Kong and some Western officials called the consideration of the all-China Assembly of people's representatives (the main legislative body of China) project "Decision on the establishment and improvement of legal frameworks and enforcement mechanisms to ensure national security in the special administrative region of Hong Kong." The bill, designed especially for Hong Kong, will include a ban on subversive and separatist activities. He suggests a ban on any kind of incitement aimed at the overthrow of the Central government, as well as terrorism and external interference.

On Thursday deputies of vsekitajsky meeting of national representatives adopted the document. The resolution delegates to the standing Committee of the national people's Congress drafting bill on national security specially for Hong Kong. Previously, the newspaper South China Morning Post, citing an informed source reported that the NPC the PC will need about two weeks to make the law, this means that it can enter into force in August.

On Thursday, the US permanent mission to the UN had requested the meeting of the security Council to discuss the situation. However, China and Russia did not support this proposal, believing that the question of Hong Kong is not related to the agenda of the UN Security Council, as it is an internal affair of China. In the end the US and the UK initiated a discussion on this subject in the security Council on Friday in the "miscellaneous"section.

As stated by the charge d'affaires of great Britain to the UN Jonathan Allen, in the course of the discussion in London and Washington expressed "serious concern about recent developments in connection with the Hong Kong in the Security Council." "Our concern is that in the all-Chinese Assembly of people's representatives on Thursday adopted a decision on the introduction of national security legislation in Hong Kong. This law can limit the freedoms that China has pledged to comply with international law," said Allen, who leads the permanent representation.

The Chinese mission at the meeting, said that "Ambassador Zhang stressed that China urged the United States and Britain to immediately stop interfering in the Affairs of Hong Kong, immediately abandon the practice of hegemonism and power politics and to do their work and not to provoke tensions and not to create problems everywhere."

As stated by the Chinese Ambassador, "whatever may be said of the US and UK", the Chinese government is determined to protect its sovereignty and security and would resist external intervention in the Affairs of Hong Kong. "Any attempt to use Hong Kong to interfere in China's internal Affairs is doomed to failure," says the Chinese mission.

First zampolpreda of the Russian Federation to the UN Dmitry Polyanskiy wrote on Twitter that "colleagues from the U.S. and are unable to answer legitimate questions about how their calls for calm to protesters in Minneapolis relate to the incitement of the protesters in Hong Kong". "Why the United States denied China's right to restore peace and order in Hong Kong, brutally dispersing the crowd at home," - said in comments Polanski.