The head of the IMF welcomed the adoption of the "anticolonial" the law on Ukraine

The managing Director of the International monetary Fund Kristalina Georgieva welcomed the adoption by Ukraine of the law on improvement of mechanisms of banking activities, which the Ukrainian media called "anticolonialism", this was discussed during a telephone conversation Georgieva and President Vladimir Zelensky, the press service of the President's office.

Earlier Zelensky has signed the law on amendments to the regulations of the Verkhovna Rada, which had to let unblock the adoption of the bill on the prohibition of the return of nationalized PrivatBank his former owner, oligarch Igor Kolomoisky. The adoption of this law, which the media called "anticolonialism", insisted the international monetary Fund.

"Kristalina Georgieva welcomed the adoption of the law on improvement of mechanisms of regulation of banking activities, noting that it protects the taxpayers in Ukraine", - stated in the message on the website of the office of the President.

30 Mar Rada adopted in first reading a bill to ban the return of nationalized PrivatBank his ex-owner. The adoption of the document was critically important to continue cooperation with the International monetary Fund. However, to him, the deputies have filed a record 16 thousands of edits, thus trying for a long time to block its adoption.

To resolve this situation and not to break the law, the deputies proposed to prescribe in regulations Happy a special procedure of consideration of bills, which submitted a large number of amendments. In the end, Parliament changed the rules. However, the deputies made the decision on cancellation of this decision. Thus, the speaker could not upload the document to the President, as Parliament overturned the decision.

Now a group of MPs trying to challenge the constitutionality of this law in the constitutional court of Ukraine.