In the state Duma supported the "strengthening of prevention of the" new Cao

The first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on state construction and legislation Mikhail Emelyanov commented to RIA Novosti, the new draft of the administrative code, supporting the "strengthening of prevention" of the Administrative code, but noting that failure to reduce the administrative burden on business.

Emelyanov supported features of administrative responsibility of minors, calling it a "hallmark" of the new Cao, as well as the expansion of the practice of administrative punishment in the form of a warning, stressing that it reinforces a "preventive level" of the Administrative code.

He also supported the reduction of administrative load on business in Cao PCoIP, but criticized the presence of the penalty administratively prohibited activities (in the new code of administrative offences of the ultimate sentence plan to reduce from 90 to 30 days).

"I believe that this sanction has to disappear from the administrative code, as it is one of the main methods of raider capture and destruction of the business. What it means to stop the operation of the enterprise? It's almost killing him. This is worse than the death penalty for a citizen - may not be such administrative punishment. Please, fines, warnings, compulsory work for officials, but the company must work to stop the activities not... three months, what month is the end of the business," said Emelyanov.

He considers it "controversial" that the draft Cao is excluded the simultaneous prosecution of a legal entity and its officials for the same administrative offense as "the degree of guilt of the legal person and officials may be different, and punishing a legal person, we leave unpunished official".

Also the MP does not consider the correct reduction of the deadline for administrative punishment in the form of obligatory works from 200 to 60 hours, noting that this form of punishment is provided for a number of offenses, and 60 hours will not allow the offender to feel the severity of the punishment.

To ensure that the draft Procedure of the administrative code provides the mechanism for the restoration of the rights of persons illegally brought to administrative responsibility, the public reacted positively, calling "excessive conservatism" that the existing amounts of punishment and period of limitation for bringing to administrative responsibility in the new draft of the administrative code will not be increased.

"I believe that there is excessive conservatism of the author of the new code, because it was full of offers to increase penalties, including fines, and increase the Statute of limitations. If the Statute of limitations even agree can, by punishment, I think for a number of offences that need a lot of responsibility... so the maximum fines could be increased," - said Emelyanov.