Experts from the Museum industry of the Russian Federation said that waiting for after isolation

Russian museums expect much individual visitors and hope for financial support from sponsors at the end of measures in connection with the coronavirus, said the experts of the Museum industry during the panel discussion "Museum after isolation as a return visitor: challenges and solutions".

"Some time we'll be in a situation of difficult communication with the public, difficult to attract the public in the mode of physical presence," said the Director of the Museum of Moscow Anna Trapkova. The difficulty of attracting an audience, she connects with the museums according to the instructions of the CPS.

Trapkova stressed that the Museum of Moscow is counting on financial support from the point of view of sponsorship of individual projects more than the profit from the sale of temporary services.

Museums expect a big wave of individual visitors, said the Director of the Vladimir-Suzdal Museum-reserve Svetlana Melnikova. She added that in their Museum for the first time after opening the priority will be given to working with children.

To maintain interest of the audience to the museums during the isolation help the social network, the Director of the house Museum of Marina Tsvetaeva Elena Zhuk.

"This audience, it social networking has grown enough for us at a significant pace – about 15% without any special promotion in the first month, April... And I am absolutely convinced that this audience is going to stay with us in the sense that we have after the release from quarantine will not be a mass of replies from social networks," - said the beetle.

The Director of the Museum-reserve Tsaritsyno Elizaveta Fokina noted that the publication of content in the network does not reduce the interest to the Museum. "We left that part associated with the content, with excursions, our educational programs, in principle, not fearing what we used to do it for a fee, and now in fact it's all broadcast for free, because we think that due to the fact that we show, we continue to maintain interest in the Museum," she said.

Fokina said that the opening of the Museum-reserve Tsaritsyno will take place on 1 June. The area will be open to visitors from 9.00 to 21.00, the number of visitors will be limited to around 2-3 thousand people.

"We, on the one hand, should ensure the safety of our employees, on the other hand, those employees who work on the front line, must know how to communicate with our future visitor," said Fokina.