The Saratov Governor has commented on fees from state employees in the medical center

Charges of funds with the public sector for the construction of a new infectious diseases hospital in Saratov unacceptable, heads of relevant departments of the governments of the region need to understand each case and to restore order, said the Governor Valery Radaev.

Earlier, the speaker of the state Duma, a native of the Saratov region Vyacheslav Volodin has responded to the complaints of employees of budgetary institutions in Instagram about "voluntary-compulsory" charity contributions for the construction of a new infectious diseases hospital in Saratov. According to Volodina, this project contributes a large business, and to collect money from state employees is unfair and dishonest, "such orders can only be given by unscrupulous people that have no heads on their shoulders".

"The employees of budgetary institutions complain of "voluntary-forced" retention of earnings for the construction of the infectious center. This is unacceptable, I would ask the heads of relevant offices to study the situation, each specific case and to restore order... to Force the employees to hand over money - it should not be," said Radaev on Friday at meeting of coordination Council on combating COVID-19.

He stressed that in the region of fairly large companies and organizations, which primarily appeal to the regional authorities.

"Already transferred funds of the company "FosAgro", "Frontier", "LUKOIL", "Rusagro", IDGC of Volga. Assistance from businesses is not only in monetary terms, but and building materials. Supported us and a budget. This is a very significant contribution. I'm not saying that Vyacheslav Volodin has assumed a huge array of tasks on attraction of sources", - said the head of the region.

Earlier, the authorities encouraged business and citizens to participate in raising funds to support the construction of a new infectious center. Volodin said earlier that the construction of infectious diseases hospital in Saratov is estimated at 1.2 billion, about a billion rubles will be required for equipment. For its construction the region 462,2 million rubles allocated by the budget of Moscow. The regional authorities are planning to introduce the facility in September.

Only in the region of 2840 laboratory confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus, died, 34 patients recovered 1141.

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