The expert assessed the prospects of the dialogue on disarmament in space

The Pentagon is interested in the development of new technologies in the field of protection of national satellite grouping and unlikely to agree to a dialogue on space full disarmament, said the RIA Novosti expert club "Valdai" Artem Kuraev.

Earlier Russia's Ambassador to the U.S. Anatoly Antonov said that the United States purposefully with the support of allies, NATO is trying to make the cosmos a sphere of hostilities and possible clashes between the two countries. In an interview with TV channel "Zvezda", the diplomat said that Russia is doing everything possible to prevent it. According to him, Moscow is seriously concerned about the American plans and regularly performs at various venues, including the conference on disarmament at the UN General Assembly, the resolution on prevention of an arms race in outer space.

As recalled Kuraev, the first experience of armed space stations were made in the 1960-ies. "This concept of wars in space is very much is and controlled space ships to capture the enemy's reconnaissance satellites, and the system of destruction of satellite groups of the enemy, and the system of interception of ballistic missiles, and, finally, the deployment in space of nuclear weapons. The strike of missiles from a space station hanging over a major city of the enemy, almost not catch. However, the latter is expressly prohibited by the outer space Treaty of 1967," - said the expert.

According to the analyst, "in fact, space became the arena of military operations, up to a third of the satellite constellation of humanity is somehow the work on the national defense of their countries."

Kuraev noticed that the actual ban on the deployment of conventional weapons in space does not exist. "There's only Russian and Chinese initiatives, and the development of ground-based systems capable of destroying satellites. For example, China in 2007-2014, conducted three successful tests of such missiles," - he said.

"Naturally, the Pentagon is interested in the development of new technologies in the field of protection of national satellite constellation and is unlikely to go for a full dialogue on space disarmament. On the contrary, it will trigger a new space arms race, forcing Russia and other major space players to develop additional system of protection of satellites and possibly space stations," - said the expert. Thus, the Russian Federation, he believes, in this respect there is a good start – another station Mir could get the combat module.

"The Russian side, which of course, is concerned about the expansion of cooperation SpaceX and the Pentagon. Elon Musk declaring its goal 20 times to reduce the cost of delivery into orbit, systematically implements its plans. And cheap missiles will at times increase and the space group and create a new space station. This opens up great opportunities for the us military, and they will not miss them," said the analyst. In any case, cheap technologies of cargo delivery into orbit, whatever it was implemented very quickly change the balance of forces in space and force the world powers to reconsider its space policy, signed Kuraev.