Twitter will teach you to speak the truth. Why trump got in a fight with your favorite social network

Donald trump has signed a decree banning censorship in social networks. Twitter and Facebook regarded it as interference in its operations and accused the President of lying. His tweets will now be thoroughly examined. If the Internet company deems that the head of state was not telling the truth, subscribers it will recognize. Who is threatening freedom of speech in the USA — trump or the social network, understood to RIA Novosti.

"When social networks censor views which do not agree, they cease to be just a Bulletin Board. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube have vast potential for censorship and control over information. The popularity of online platforms puts in question the freedom of speech, which is guaranteed by the First amendment of the U.S. Constitution", — stated in the decree signed on the eve of Donald trump.

Soon as the document appeared on the website of the White House as the scandal broke. The company's Twitter and Facebook called the actions of trump's "reactionary and politically committed". The head of state, in their opinion, interfere with online discussion.

Network giants believe that the initiative of the President will not defend freedom of speech, but rather will lead to restrictions. Twitter, Facebook and Google will have to carefully monitor and filter messages. Otherwise any user will be able to file a lawsuit against the social network for the dissemination of slander or misinformation. And tweets trump is no exception, said the companies.

The decree of the President and criticized in Congress. The speaker of the house of representatives Nancy Pelosi warned that MPs will block the "biased and politically motivated" document.

To protect freedom of speech trump arose after a dispute with Twitter. It all started with the fact that the President of the United States expressed dissatisfaction with the initiative to hold during a pandemic presidential elections by mail. As always, he spoke in your favorite social network.

"Sending ballots by mail to be a Scam. The mailboxes will be opened, the ballots tampered with," wrote trump.

Suddenly, under the President there was a note. Users are invited to check the accuracy of this statement. The link could go to articles by CNN and the Washington Post with an alternative view. Located near trump's tweets icon of an exclamation mark in the company explained, "the civil policy of impartiality".

Trump obviously did not expect that the beloved social network will triple his factchecking on the materials of which he regularly accuses of lying and distortion of facts. The conflict was growing like a snowball.

"Large technology companies use all the resources to impose censorship before the election of 2020! If this happens, we lose our freedom. I will not allow you to do it! The social network tried to turn this election in 2016 and lose. But now they are completely crazy. Follow the news" — not hiding emotions, responded trump.

Twitter action initially criticized the head of Facebook mark Zuckerberg. Platform should not monitor and evaluate what people write on the Internet. "With Twitter we have a different policy on this issue", — he explained.

Not silent and the founder of Twitter Jack Dorsey. He believes that the responsibility for the accuracy of the information in the end still brings the Internet company. Accusations of censorship are unfounded: because of trump's tweets are not deleted.

The conflict seems to have receded, but then the President said on Twitter the situation in Minneapolis, where, after the murder of an African American mob burned down a police station. Trump has threatened to deploy the National guard.

"The answer is looting shooting," he added. Twitter in their own way interpreted those words. The post trump replaced with the phrase: "Tweet violates the company rules and calls for violence".

Through a decree banning censorship in social networks trump has vented his resentment, says senior researcher of the Institute of USA and Canada Pavel Koshkin.

"Twitter, Facebook, YouTube talking about freedom of speech and inadmissibility of censorship. But the situation with trump's tweets shows that they are interfering in the content, using sophisticated methods of stigma. The President is also advocating freedom of speech, accuses mainstream media of lying, if they criticize him. It turns out that social networks, branding tweets of trump, to use his own tactics. Double standards and with the other hand, there was," says cat.

The expert explains that the decree trump the amendments to the 1996 law that defines norms of behavior on the Internet (Communications Decency Act, Section 230). According to this document Internet companies can moderate the content to remove objectionable comments or label them if they contain false or misleading information. "But it is not considered censorship. Rather, it is about cultural filter or stigmatizing information," said Koshkin.

In a tweet, trump on the inadmissibility of voting by mail, the analyst sees a value judgment on which is the right of any person. "What's wrong with that? Tweets and posts in social media is blogging, not professional journalism, and factchecking is not always possible. It turns out that Twitter's selective approach to the people who are displeasing to them," says cat.

According to the expert, stigma is characteristic not only of social networks but of the entire American discourse: "Everything that does not fit into the traditional liberal view, which is obviously a fabrication and not true."

And here again there is a duality. People have the right to Express any opinion. But if he says something that is not consistent with the concept of the Western world, it is hardly heard. And the situation online here fully reflects offline.