SK will check the data on the men razogrevaem bucket on the Eternal fire

Suburban the investigators joined the inspection reports of men who something warmed up in a bucket at the Eternal flame in Moscow, the report said GSPC of Russia across the Moscow region.

Earlier it was reported that the police are checking reports about the desecration of Eternal fire in Odintsovo. In social networks there appeared a publication that in Odintsovo the vandals warmed something in a bucket directly into the fire of the memorial.

"Check launched according to media reports that some of the men being near the war Memorial with the Eternal flame, installed at the mass grave of the Soviet soldiers in the town of Odintsovo, something heated in the bucket", she said.

It is emphasized that men are "roughly broke a public order, have desecrated the memory of historical events, and is also dedicated to the memory of the object of cultural heritage, using it for cooking."

At the present time the personalities depicted in the photographs online men, as well as the reasons and motives for their actions.