The Louvre is preparing to open in early July

The most visited Museum world - the Louvre in Paris, which closed March 13 due to pandemic coronavirus, plans to open July 6, according to a communiqué of the Museum.

"The Prime Minister (of France) Edouard Philippe announced the opening of museums since June 2, and open gardens and parks with weekend, may 30... the Louvre Museum, the Tuileries gardens, garden Carousel and the national Museum of Eugene Delacroix, preparing for its opening", the message reads.

It is noted that the garden Carousel will be open from 30 may, and the next day open and the Tuileries garden. Safety reasons there will be mass banned games and meeting with number of participants more than 10 people.

"For museums the system will be implemented on the reservation, and applied a new layout, allowing you to create the conditions for the maximum safety of our guests", - emphasized in the Museum. Visitors will need to wear a mask during the visit and to comply with security measures.

"The musée eugène Delacroix is working on opening Monday, June 22. The Louvre Museum - Monday, 6 July," - said in a communique.

Museums in France remained closed since March 13, and March 16 in the country were introduced strict quarantine. After the first relaxation of restrictive measures, some small museums had the opportunity to open, but it was not about the Louvre and other major institutions. Thursday, 28 may, the authorities introduced a new relief, implying, in particular, the opening of museums.

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