The Minneapolis field office issued the transcript of the call on the Floyd 911

Police American city of Minneapolis has published a conversation between the 911 operator with the person who reported George Floyd, after which the police went to the scene of the incident that led to the death of an African-American.

Call came into police service on may 25 in 20.01 local time (12.01 GMT). The caller told the operator that the unknown came to "their shop" and paid with counterfeit cash, which became clear after he left.

According to the caller, "tall black man" sitting in his car and was in a state of extreme intoxication. He was asked to go back to the store and return the cigarettes, but the man "didn't want to do that, he just sat in his car, as he was terribly drunk and couldn't control it."

After that, the caller told the operator the color and registration number of the car of the man, and the operator reported that the police had already left.

Riots in Minneapolis continue the third day, people protest against the police action that led to the death of the African-American George Floyd. In the night of Friday, protesters burned a police station, law enforcement officers had to be evacuated from the roof by helicopter.

Riots in Minneapolis and other cities began after the appearance of "viral" video of the arrest of Floyd. The video shows that for Floyd, who lies on the ground, already handcuffed, and one of the policemen holding him, pressed his neck with his knee. Floyd and several times repeats that can't breathe, and then pauses. As reported by the police, Floyd found sitting on a car while intoxicated. It was decided to arrest, he resisted.

When this information became widespread, the leadership of the city police announced the dismissal of four officers who participated in the arrest. The city held a protest, accompanied by vandalism and fires. The investigation into the death of Floyd has joined the FBI, which declared the case a priority.