"Doctors without borders" has opened a treatment center COVID-19 in Caracas

International humanitarian organization "Doctors without borders" (MSF) announced the opening of a specialized center for the treatment of coronavirus in petare, in the North-East of Caracas.

"Doctors without borders" opened a specialized center for the treatment COVID-19 in petare (North-East part of the city of Caracas) in Venezuela: 22 beds, 16 of which are designed for bedridden patients and 6 beds for intensive care with the ventilator. In the work of the centre involves more than 100 specialists of different profiles: doctors, nurses, epidemiologists, psychologists and other personnel," - said in a press release.

In the organization of the center was also attended by the authorities and the staff of the hospital which it was opened. The hospital staff also received personal protective equipment and special training.

"The team of the center has already begun to help patients with symptoms COVID-19", - noted in the organization.

According to the coordinator of "Doctors without borders" for emergency response Isaac Alcalde, open the center was very difficult, but thanks to the efforts of the staff and hospital administration managed to do.

"It was a difficult job, not without difficulties because of the urgency and the need to adapt the hospital to Biosafety measures, without breaking the opportunity to continue other urgent activities. This was possible thanks to the willingness of employees of "Doctors without borders" and the hospital administration to find a solution that would best fit the needs of patients," he said.

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