In the Ivanovo region, the number recovered from coronavirus, has exceeded 700

The number of inhabitants of the Ivanovo region, which have recovered from coronavirus infections, rose for the day 61, the total number of winning the disease has reached 708, according to the regional government.

As of may 29, in Ivanovo region was 1813 cases of coronavirus infection, a day set 68 diagnoses.

"The number of new HIV diagnoses in 25 people surveyed with ORVI and a pneumonia, the circle of contacts of previously affected persons – 37 persons. Six people came from other regions: the four arrived from Moscow on personal transport, two who came from the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district, now held epikaleomai", - stated in the message.

Today in hospital treatment are 633 people, including on the beds with oxygen – 113, on the ventilator – five people.

"During the day, discharged with a recovery of 61 people, for a total to date in the Ivanovo region has recovered 708 patients with a confirmed diagnosis of a coronavirus", - reported the regional government.

Eighteen patients with confirmed COVID-19 died, in all the cases was severe comorbidities.

The authorities note that the quarantine remain Shuya surgical Department of the Central hospital medical ward Furman CRH, neurological Department of city clinical hospital №3, three branches of the psychiatric hospital "Bogorodskoye".

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