In the Kurgan region have denied message about the funeral on the isolation

The information that in the town of Dalmatovo in the Kurgan region in the morning was held the funeral, and then allegedly went to the isolation 70 people, is untrue, said on Friday regional oberstab.

Previously "Vkontakte" on the page dedicated to the Mound, there was a message that the city Dalmatovo allegedly identified a new case of coronavirus - a resident of Moscow, who came to the funeral of a relative. The publication says that after the funeral in the local canteen, where he had been a Muscovite, a quarantine has sent 70 people.

"The information is untrue. According to the office of Rospotrebnadzor in the Kurgan region, Dalmatovo and in the Dalmatovsky district, the latest case of novel coronavirus infection have been registered may 23. New cases not", - stated in the message.

Catering closed, testing for HIV in droves in Dalmatovo is not performed, the report States.

According oberstab, since the beginning of registration of morbidity in the region recorded 218 cases of new coronavirus infection, total recovery of the discharged 94 people. In the region there is a high alert, and restrictions.

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