"Surprised everyone" in the Ukraine and turned it into a combat aircraft

About a hundred modern multi-role fighters, advanced drones, new transport aircraft, disposal of obsolete machines — information and consulting Agency Defense Express, published a plan for the development of Ukrainian military aircraft to 2035. It has already approved the Military Council of the Air forces of the country. The plans are very ambitious: for 15 years, in fact, to create a new kind of troops. About how this is really taking into account the current state of the APU and the economic situation — in the material RIA Novosti.

In the document we are talking mainly about the re-equipment of tactical aircraft. The vast majority of existing machines — patched-pereletnye, from the Soviet times and in good, has long been to be written off. To update the fleet of the Ukrainian authorities plan to spend a record $ 200 billion hryvnia — $ 7.5 billion at the current exchange rate. Note that the entire military budget of Ukraine in 2020 — a little more than 100 billion hryvnia.

However, in the next two years Kiev will declare the tender for delivery of multipurpose fighters of generation 4 . Russian versions, of course, will not be considered. Interested in American F-16 Block 70/72 and the Swedish Saab JAS-39 E/F Gripen. It is stressed that the machine must be versatile, able to replace both fighters and frontline bombers. She will be the only type of aircraft in combat units of tactical aviation, which, according to the plan of Kiev, will allow to save resources.

By 2025 "Powtran Seeley" expect to receive the first batch of six or twelve machines for trial operation, training of pilots and ground personnel. By 2030 for new fighter is planned to receive two of the brigade, passing eight to twelve aircraft per year. By 2035-th Air force of Ukraine needs to be fully reformed and translated into new equipment. They will consist of four tactical aviation brigades, four regiments of reconnaissance and strike drones, brigade transport and special aviation, and the training brigade.

For the country, long been sitting "in debt as in silks", it looks unscientific fiction. Besides the concept development of the Air force assumes full transition to Western materiel. This means that the aircraft repair enterprises of Ukraine, are designed for the maintenance of Soviet technology, remain without work. In addition, the big question: whether they want to deal with Ukraine Western States.

Petro Poroshenko several years begged Washington's anti-tank missile Javelin and still got a small party that, under the terms of the supplier, must be kept in the Western part of the country, away from the front line. Those F-16 are much more complex and expensive equipment, not all of the state is much richer than Ukraine can afford afford. It is not very clear who exactly will master modern fighters, if the average RAID of the Ukrainian pilots — only 20-25 hours a year.

Finally, it is unclear how Kiev intends to prolong life of existing aircraft, which must remain in service until the completion of the upgrade.

According to the analytical edition of The Military Balance, Air forces of Ukraine are 80 su-27 and MiG-29, 14 su-24, 31 su-25 attack aircraft and 50 helicopters. Very modest progress, given that the Russian defense industry from 2014 to 2018 videoconferencing has shipped at least 365 brand-new cars. Fresh technique "Powtran Seeley" get a year on a teaspoon and have great difficulty with upgrading old ones.

"Ukraine has a very modest ability to conduct air operations, according to the latest edition of The Military Balance. — In service — the equipment is mainly made in the USSR. Defense companies are using the same Soviet developments, their material base is outdated and worn out. If in the near future the situation does not improve, the Air force of Ukraine can become unfit for combat."

The deplorable situation with a potential for modernization of the defense industry Square vividly illustrates the scandal between Ukraine and Croatia in March 2016. Zagreb concluded with Kiev a multimillion-dollar contract for the renovation of seven MiG-21 and the sale of five used aircraft.

Got the money, the work seems to be completed. But after the transfer of the fighters of Croatia revealed that the air can rise only three cars. The aircraft was leaking fuel tanks, was not working the radar, in the buildings of the gaping cracks. It turned out that Ukrainians in the repair of used old parts from machines long been written off in other former socialist countries and bought by Kiev on the cheap.

Obviously to repair and upgrade its own aircraft, the Ukraine is the same. Sixteenth of October 2018 at the exercises "clear sky" near Vinnitsa crashed double su-27UB. Died Ukrainian pilot and an American soldier, took the place of the second pilot. The cause of the accident called technical failure of the aircraft. If it comes to exercises with Western partners Kiev exposes defective fighter, about the situation in the combat units and to think terribly.

A test of strength for the Air force of Ukraine was the war in the Donbass. And the test pilots of the Square failed miserably. In the beginning of the conflict aircraft was used widely, but due to high losses from return fire "Powtran Seeley" almost completely stopped flying over the breakaway regions. About what the hell the militia of the Ukrainian aces, according to officers themselves APU.

"The Navigator shouted that sees two rockets entering the tail — recalled the commander of the crew of the su-24MR Colonel Eugene Balazic. — Actually there were four of them. Started shooting trap, maneuvering. Saw one missile goes to the trap. It ended up that three rockets went on a false thermal targets, but one was smart and got left behind in the plane (later the fragments determined that it was "Arrow"). The feeling is that on the plane with a sledgehammer punched, immediately began swinging. On fire several compartments, we realized that the damaged controls, but the engines worked smoothly, and so the flight should continue. Somehow made it to the airfield and sat down. The car was saved. Our view: we waited, but nothing to prove it is now impossible".

A few months of fighting by shelling from the ground, Ukraine has lost ten planes and 11 helicopters. The vast majority of machines were shot down from MANPADS and heavy machine guns. The most serious loss of the Ukrainian Air force suffered 14 Jun 2014. When landing at the airport Lugansk under fire from earth crashed transport plane Il-76MD. Killing all 49 military personnel on Board including nine crew members.

"Ukrainian air force showed themselves to be poorly trained and unable to adapt, to improve the internal asymmetric conflict in South-Eastern regions of the country", — briefly commented on the results of the air war in the Donbass experts of the British magazine Air International in 2015.