The Prosecutor General spoke about the situation with payments to physicians in DFO

Physicians in the far East Federal district after the intervention of the Prosecutor's office paid more than 128 million rubles for the fight against СОVID-19, the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation.

"In the far Eastern Federal district through the intervention of the Prosecutor's office, health-care workers paid more than 128 million rubles as incentive payments for the fight against coronavirus infection... After the Prosecutor's intervention restored the rights of 6,5 thousand physicians to receive state-guaranteed funds", - stated in the message.

The Supervisory Agency noted that violations of the law in the payment of incentive bonuses for the work with patients COVID-19 revealed during more than 200 audits conducted in medical institutions of the Far East.

In particular, it notes that, in Annunciation of city clinical hospital data on eight employees is not made in the appropriate register of working time, because of this, doctors have not received the required cash payment. The violations were corrected only after intervention of Prosecutor's office, reported the Supervisory authority.

In the Sakhalin region, Dolinsky district Prosecutor made to 14 employees GBUZ "Dolinskaya CRH" has made additional payment.

Federal special allowance to doctors, nurses, paramedics and nurses who work directly with patients coronavirus, was identified on the proposal of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin respectively, 80 thousand, 50 thousand and 25 thousand rubles, the payment was supposed to go to the doctors throughout the country until may 15.

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