Denmark opens borders for tourists from Norway, Germany and Iceland

The Danish government took the decision to open from 15 June borders for tourists from Norway, Germany and Iceland, while visitors cannot stay overnight in Copenhagen and other major cities, said on Friday the Minister of health of the country's Magnus Heinicke.

"One of the conditions in which we only allow entry from Germany, Iceland and Norway, something that tourists can't stay overnight in Copenhagen and other big cities. You can go there to dine in the restaurant, but have to spend the night elsewhere," said Heinicke during the press conference.

In addition, for entry into the country, tourists will have to book in advance a hotel outside Copenhagen and to demonstrate the supporting documents. Citizens of Denmark can also visit these countries, but the Ministry of foreign Affairs recommends not to travel in other directions until 31 August.

While Denmark, like Norway, did not open the border with neighboring Sweden. The epidemiological situation in Sweden differs from the situation for the immediate neighbors. From the coronavirus there has already killed more than 4 thousand people, whereas in Denmark and Norway 565 and 235, respectively. While the Swedish government refused to introduce tough measures of quarantine in connection with the coronavirus, that has been repeatedly criticized.

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