"Armed to the teeth": the Chinese media praised the new Russian submarine

Chinese newspaper Guangming daily said about a Russian submarine of the fifth generation project 545 "Likes".

Displacement of the submarine is approximately 11340 tons, with a speed of 35 knots. Maximum diving depth "Likes" will be 600 metres, and the autonomy of the reserve Provisi — 90 days. It was developed by design Bureau "Malakhit".

The hull will be sheathed with several layers of composite materials with sound-absorbing properties. So it should be quieter boat project "Ash". However, the "Huskies" will be a single integrated control system with artificial intelligence. As expected, the submarine will be in service for 52 years.

Also, the publication listed the types of weapons that can carry "Husky": among them cruise missiles 3M-14 "Caliber", anti-ship missiles 3M-55 Oniks, portable anti-aircraft missile complex "Igla" hypersonic missiles ZM-22 "Zircon", underwater missiles, Predator torpedoes "Fizik-1" and mini-torpedoes MTPK-1, mini-missiles PMR-2, and others.

"Like" the tasks of the Russian Navy, should be multi-purpose submarine with a modular design.

The publication noted that between the aft part of command room and stern are system vertical launch cruise missiles. Them, if necessary, can be replaced with module launch ballistic missiles.

This change should reduce the need for the number of submarines on a mission that also allow to reduce the number of sailors and maintenance personnel. This, as highlighted in the article will help to save "a lot of money."

However, the publication recalled the opinion that, in practice, replacement of combat units and equipment is a complex matter that requires a lot of effort and money. In addition, because of the small tonnage it is theoretically difficult to place a sufficient number of ballistic missiles.