The state Bureau of Ukraine made a forced drive Poroshenko for questioning

The state Bureau of investigation of Ukraine is considering the possibility of the compulsory drive of the former President of Petro Poroshenko for questioning in connection with the fact that he had previously ignored several subpoenas, said Friday the head of the main investigative Department of the Bureau Nikolai Olympics.

Earlier, the state Bureau of investigation was called in on Friday Poroshenko two interrogation - in the case of the wiretap of his conversation with the former Vice President of the United States Joe Biden, and illegal movement across the border paintings. Poroshenko has ignored these calls. His lawyer Igor Golovan, said that Poroshenko did not come to the interrogation because he was not notified in the correct order.

According to him, the agenda Poroshenko was awarded in accordance with applicable law.

Ukrainian media earlier reported that the state Bureau of investigation brought the case over the wiretapping of the conversation Poroshenko and Biden. In particular, there was published an extract from the Unified register of pre-judicial investigations, which said that the illegal use of technical means of obtaining information could cause harm to the public interest.

Earlier individual Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Andriy Derkach released recording allegedly of a telephone conversation Poroshenko and Biden, who, according to him, evidence of international corruption and treason of the former President. One of the conversations concerned the dismissal of the Victor from the post of Prosecutor General of Ukraine allegedly at the request of Biden. In exchange, he promised Poroshenko to provide Ukraine with $ 1 billion. In addition, records have discussed the alleged presence of the coalition in Parliament, the resignation of the government of ex-Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk and approval by Parliament of the government of ex-Premier Vladimir Groisman. Poroshenko said that these were fabricated.

Ex-Prosecutor General of Ukraine informed Shokin wrote a statement to law enforcement authorities about the interruption of Biden. The Agency "Ukrainian news", citing a source in the state Bureau of investigation has reported that due to the possible intervention of a US citizen to work Shokin Ukraine opened a case. The Verkhovna Rada has agreed to dismiss Shokin in 2016. Eks-the public Prosecutor tried to appeal against his dismissal in appellate court, but to no avail. New appeal in cassation, the administrative court of the Supreme court, he filed in September 2019.