The expert explained how Cuba is to take tourists

This summer, the resorts in Cuba, which, presumably, will open in mid-June, will only work for local – until then, until there is air service to key markets, according to ATOR, citing Juan Carlos Escalona, Counsellor of the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba for tourism.

According to him, active preparation resorts to work full time: in particular, the hotels ' renovation and restoration of sandy beaches in Varadero.

Cuba has closed its airspace in April this year, the ban on international flights valid till 1 July. If he is cleared, write the US media, as expected, the first to Cuba will be able to arrive citizens of Canada and the United States.

As for Russia, which showed a record amount of tourists coming to the Republic in February-March, the case for decisions of the Russian authorities to resume international service.

As told to Juan Carlos Escalona, will open first hotels on the island resorts – Cayo Santa Maria and Cayo Coco: because of the isolated location, this is the easiest to follow safe protocols of care.

"To foreign tourists in Cuba will not be the 15 day quarantine, — said the expert. — In each hotel will be a clinic with doctor and nurse twice a day (before Breakfast and dinner) guests will be temperature screened. The hotels will not mask mode – neither for tourists nor for staff, but the entertainment of the event will limit in order to avoid congestion of people".