In the US, four more women have accused Harvey Weinstein of rape

American film producer Harvey Weinstein was accused of raping four women, one of them at the time of Commission of crime were minors, reports the New York Daily News.

As writes the edition, the lawsuit was filed on Thursday in Supreme court in new York on behalf of four women (which at the moment 70, 43, 38 and 35 years), whose names are not called. It contains previously unrepresented charges. According to the documents, women are demanding compensation from the Harvey Weinstein. The lawsuit also mentions his brother Bob Weinstein, the company's Miramax and Disney, which allegedly suppressed and concealed information.

One of the rape cases mentioned in the lawsuit for what happened in 1994. Reportedly, Weinstein lured to his hotel room 17-the summer girl under the guise of a business meeting, and then raped her. After that, the producer threatened her failures in her career in film, as well as harm her and her family.

As writes the edition, the lawsuit also States that another woman he raped in a hotel in 1984 during the Cannes film festival. The third woman reported a sexual assault in 2008. The fourth said that the attack on her was carried out in 2013 during the Venice film festival.

In March, the Supreme court of the state of new York sentenced Weinstein, convicted of rape and forced oral sex, to 23 years in prison. In this case the jury acquitted him on three other counts, including the more serious rape, for which he faces life imprisonment. The case against Weinstein also addressed in the California court.