United States to punish Tehran for the "nuclear blackmail". Than it threatens Russia

Accusing Tehran of "nuclear extortion", Washington is once again tightened sanctions. The new restrictions will affect foreign companies working on Iran's nuclear facilities — including Russian and Chinese. What the Americans are making and how the Islamic Republic is opposed to the pressure in the material RIA Novosti.

Iran is gradually emerging from quarantine. In large cities revived trade and service industries. Opened the mosque, although allowed only in masks and gloves. During prayer the Iranians encouraged to observe social distance in half-meter, but to make it easy.

The situation of coronavirus is still complex. Only in the Republic of ill 142 thousand people. A daily increase of two thousand, that 80 million of the country a lot. The death toll from COVID-19 — more than 7.5 thousand.

However, to keep people locked up without earnings anymore. The Iranians come out to protest against unemployment, inflation and the increase in tariffs on utilities since the fall. All the troubles they blame the government, and for failing to carry out promised reforms and to achieve the lifting of sanctions.

The protests cost the government of moderate reformers headed by President Hassan Rouhani of majority in the Majlis. In the parliamentary elections in February won by conservatives opposed to the reforms and takes a more assertive stance towards the West.

Recently, a new convocation of the Majlis held its first meeting. Deputies arrived in protective masks and gloves at the entrance, they measured the temperature. No means of protection was the only President Rouhani. He congratulated people's deputies with the start of work, and political life in the country has begun to boil.

The first thing the authorities reported to the deputies about the progress. So, in the world ranking of military power in Iran rose from 22nd to 14th position.

"In recent years in various fields of military capabilities the Islamic Republic has been tremendous transformation," said Rouhani.

While the world struggled with the pandemic, Iran has put into orbit a military satellite. In October, Western countries should withdraw from the Tehran arms embargo — this will give a new impetus to the military-industrial complex of the country.

In Venezuela, arrived two tankers with Iranian petrol. Wanted to send another three, but the United States promised to block them.

"If the Americans will help our tankers problems in the Caribbean or elsewhere, we will reply to mirror," he threatened the Iranian defense Minister Amir Hatami.

Except for Venezuela, the humanitarian aid of the Islamic Republic has sent to Tajikistan and Syria. Tehran has offered assistance in the fight against coronavirus and the Russian authorities.

The epidemic does not subside in the US, but it does not prevent the administration of Donald trump to put pressure on Iran.

"The Iranian regime is continuing nuclear confrontation. Tehran is engaged in nuclear blackmail, thereby provoking international pressure. Companies that continue to work at Iranian nuclear facilities can be held accountable," said Mike Pompeo.

The Secretary of state said that the us sanctions start to operate in full. Exceptions allowed to cooperate with Iran in the nuclear field, are cancelled. Foreign experts are required to leave the country within 60 days.

"The only relief is maintained for nuclear power," said Pompeo.

The white house also announced restrictions against two officials of the Iranian atomic energy Organization. It is known that they are involved in the design and manufacture of centrifuges for uranium enrichment.

In the spring of 2018, the U.S. first withdrew from a Joint comprehensive plan of action (SVPD) — document that limited the Iranian nuclear program, reminds the Advisor of the PIR Center Andrey baklitskiy.

"Washington has renewed its sanctions regime against Tehran. But there were exceptions, mainly related to a modification of Iran's nuclear program. For example, Russia has transformed centrifuge plant for uranium enrichment in Fordo. China is engaged in heavy water reactors in Arak city. It was in the common interest, including the United States," explains RIA Novosti baklitskiy.

Now the opportunities for cooperation will be less. "The supply of nuclear fuel for the existing Bushehr nuclear power plant will continue. Rosatom is building the Bushehr-2, and the company already declared that do not intend to stop work. Sanctions have not followed," says baklitskiy.

According to experts, toughening of American policy associated with the campaign. The Ayatollah regime is well aware of, but not be silent.

"The Iranian authorities, it is important to show the world that Washington will not break the Islamic Republic and sanctions strategy trump — as a failure. So Teheran will aggravate", — believes baklitskiy.

Analyst of the Institute of international studies, MGIMO Adlan Morgoev adheres to the same point of view. In support, he cites humanitarian aid to Venezuela.

"Tehran is acting defiantly. Here, they say, our tankers with gasoline to ally and try to stop us. The Iranians make it clear that I do not accept pressure and will have to negotiate," — said the expert.

However, he drew attention to the discrepancy — on the one hand, Iran is experiencing economic difficulties, with other generous aid allies and neighbors.

"Where is the money? The fact is that in Iran two conventional budget. The first forms of taxes and fees to the government. The second "ideological" Treasury, replenished by donations to the Islamic funds, as well as the profits of companies that these funds belong. And this wallet is thicker government," explains Margoi.

According to him, Islamic funds control a significant part of the Iranian economy, and they are exempted from taxes and even income Declaration. And use this informal budget Iranian clerics and security officers from the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps. Assistance to Venezuela is likely to have provided these funds.

Margai does not exclude that if the U.S. President would be Biden, then a us-Iranian relations there will be a positive shift. But doubts that even a hypothetical return of the Americans in the SVPD will return them the trust of Iranians. Any new agreement under threat when the President is a Democrat follows a Republican President and years of diplomatic efforts once again find themselves on the dustbin of history.