Oncologists will review the results of CT performed to identify COVID-19

The results of studies of the lungs using computed tomography (CT) that was performed to detect COVID-19, plan to analyze for the presence of tumors in the National medical research center of radiology named after Herzen, said General Director of the Center, chief oncologist of the Ministry of health Andrey Kaprin.

Due to the spread of the coronavirus conducting national health examination and preventive examinations were temporarily suspended in late March.

"We are now, of course, feverishly pondering... how we establish, at least partially screened. Something already invented. For example, right now we are doing a lot of computer tomograms, as many have never done that, but now, forced by the coronavirus. We reference center will try to take CT scan to perform, how many lesions in his lungs," said Kaprin radio "Vesti FM".

He noted that it is also considering other options for screening, discusses the survey of patients and telemedicine consultations.

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