Authorities explained the restrictions in Yakutsk

Restrictive measures at the weekend will help to reverse the situation with coronavirus in Yakutsk, where in recent days revealed 74 new cases of infection, said the head of the region Aisen Nikolaev at the daily briefing oberstab.

As noted by Nikolaev, the epidemiological situation on the territory of Yakutia remains tense but stable.

He also said that on Friday all the companies of the city of Yakutsk needs to spend a total sanitary cleaning and processing. Saturday is the mode of disinfection for non-food stores on 30 and 31 may do not work. Trade in food products will be on Saturday, Sunday – no. Wholesale markets on Friday closed at 16.00 until Monday. Also closed will be city Park for disinfection. Public transportation will suspend work on Saturday and Sunday. "We believe that we will be able to reverse this situation...for further lifting of restrictions," - said Nikolaev.

According oberstab, in the Republican clinical hospital the patient died diagnosed with COVID-19 and serious oncological disease at the last stage, he was 68 years old. For the entire period in Yakutia 8 deaths.

During the day, all laboratories of the Republic processed 3258 tests for coronavirus, in observator are 838 people.

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