On the Kamchatka Peninsula extended limitations due COVID-19 to 11 June

Restrictive measures imposed on the Kamchatka Peninsula because of the threat of the spread of the new coronavirus infection, extended to June 11, inclusive, told journalists acting Governor of the region Vladimir Solodov.

Earlier it was reported that the regime of isolation and a mask mode are in Kamchatka until may 31, inclusive, but with some indulgences. Authorities allowed to open beauty salons and small non-food shops, and a walk with the kids and playing sports outdoors. Remain closed eating places, shopping malls, prohibited events, suspended tourist trips and excursions.

"Today we can't make a decision about serious mitigation measures. They will continue to operate until 11 June at least. The situation with coronavirus infection continues to remain extremely tense, increasing the number of incoming patients in the severe forms, we see that increasing the number of retirees and older people goes to the medical network. All this increases the burden on our hospitals. And we can say that now the system of health care of Kamchatskiy Krai is at the limit of their capabilities," said Solodov.

According to him, currently, the bed capacity of hospitals increased to 406 seats, its capacity continues.

"The situation is not conducive to the lifting of any restrictions on the "plateau" too early to say. From the regions we were one of the last in this pandemic. Now all the processes are developed on the Kamchatka Peninsula with some delay if to compare with Moscow and Central Russia. Everything that happens there, happens here in two to three weeks later," - said during the meeting of the regional operational headquarters for counter proliferation COVID-19 head of regional management Rospotrebnadzora Natalia Zhdanova.

According to on may 29, Kamchatka was 759 people infected with COVID-19, including 35 children under the age of 17. 345 recovered, 9 died. Per day identified 34 laboratory-confirmed cases of infection with novel coronavirus infection. The growth rate of cases per day was 4.7%. The total number of infected COVID-19 on the Kamchatka Peninsula from 39.3 per cent have asymptomatic disease.

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