In Moscow 244 patient treated COVID-19 in the infectious diseases hospital №2

Treatment in infectious clinical hospital №2 in Moscow there are 526 people, of whom 244 have confirmed coronavirus, said the head physician of the hospital Svetlana Krasnova.

"29.05.2020 (89 days from COVID). At the hospital, 526 people (including 18 in intensive care), of which 313 people with suspected COVID/ 244 case confirmed by laboratory, of which: 16/12 children 29/29 pregnant, childbirth and postpartum,10/7 the man in the surgical ward, 8/8 patients in the ICU (on mechanical ventilation 5) - she wrote in Facebook.

Krasnov said that the day the hospital received 49 people, including 23 coronavirus, while 57 people discharged, 33 recovered from COVID-19.

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