In Minneapolis, protesters burned a police station

American protesters in Minneapolis burned a police station, law enforcement officers had to be evacuated from the roof by helicopter, no one was hurt, according to the Fox News channel.

Mass unrest in the city continued for the third day, people protest against the police action that led to the death of the African-American George Floyd.

The rioters in the night of Friday at first surrounded a police station, once gathered on the roof of the police tried to disperse the crowd stun grenades and tear gas, stormed the building and set it on fire.

Guards were evacuated from the roof by helicopter, no one was hurt.

Eyewitnesses reported to media that the incident was absent soldiers of the National guard, which the Governor of the state of Minnesota mobilized to quell the unrest.

The death of Floyd caused the riots in Minneapolis and other cities after the appearance of "viral" video for his detention. The record shows, as the police tackled Floyd and handcuffed him, and one of the officers leaned a knee on his neck. The detainee first few times he says he can't breathe and then losing consciousness. Floyd was hospitalized, he died in intensive care.

When this information became widespread, the leadership of the city police announced the dismissal of four officers who participated in the arrest. The city held a protest, accompanied by vandalism and fires. The investigation into the death of Floyd has joined the FBI, which declared the case a priority.