Private kindergartens and schools in Moscow will be allowed temporarily to avoid paying rent

More than 600 Moscow private kindergartens and schools can get the support of the city, organizations will give the opportunity not to pay for the lease of city property for the period of suspension of its activities due to the pandemic of a new type of coronavirus, according to the website of the mayor of the capital on Friday.

"Such privilege will be able to 645 organizations totaling more than 400 million rubles. Now to us for support sought and received help already 66 private kindergartens and schools, they are exempt from paying rent until July 1 of this year. Total area of the premises, which provided a benefit, 95 thousand square meters, and land - 4.3 hectares," are available on the website the words of the mayor of Moscow for economic policy and property and land relations Vladimir Yefimov.

Clarifies that 66 organisations who applied have received support in the amount of 30.6 million rubles. Private educational institutions are located in all districts, with the exception of the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative areas.

In addition, according to the head of the Department of city property of Maxim Gaman, in addition to new measures to support the city continues to provide material assistance to private schools and kindergartens in the form of preferential rates of rent of city property.

"Now in Moscow 176 private institutions in education receive support in the form of various preferential rental rates of city facilities and land. This program is "the Object of education for the ruble," preferential rental rates and rent rate of 0.05 percent of the cadastral value for urban land. Thanks to this private educational organizations every year to save on rent of about 1.9 billion rubles," - are his words on the website.

In Moscow there are four package of measures to support the capital's entrepreneurs. Tax credits and payment by installments of rent and other obligatory payments received by the entrepreneurs who are engaged in trade, restaurant and hotel business, working in the field of tourism, services, organize cultural, sports, exhibition and entertainment events.

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