In Primorye for the first time pedigree made far Eastern leopards

Pedigree rare Amur leopards made up for the first time in Primorye, according to the national Park "Land of leopard".

The researchers analyzed data from the photo-monitoring from 2013 to 2019, collected by "Land of the leopard", where is located the biggest in Russia network of 400 traps. Taisiya and Anna Marchenkova Vitkalov systematized data about the individual relationships in the far Eastern leopard population. To simulate a family tree managed for 47 individuals.

Further analysis of the "family Chronicles" showed that the tree branched into four separate lines, the largest of which included three generations of leopards. Such surveys are especially valuable as open new opportunities for the study of changes within populations over generations. For example, to get an idea about the resettlement of young leopard after they leave mother and begin an independent life.

Report on genealogy of the far Eastern leopard, which scientists presented at a remote scientific-practical conference in English for natural Sciences, Student scientific conference in English, was awarded second place. The conference was held at far Eastern Federal University.

"The prize was a surprise to us, because the main goal of the conference – to talk about what is the status of the leopard population at the moment" – are words in the message of Department of science fgbi "Land of leopard" and author of the report, Marchenkova. She added that a particularly important international exchange "in the case of such rare animals as Amur leopard".

Far Eastern leopard – rarest big cat, the only wild population of which lives in southwest Primorsky Krai Russia. The population is under protection of the "Land of the leopard". There are 97 adults of the spotted predators.