The survey showed the attitude of Russians to vote in the elections via the Internet

More than half of Russians would try to vote via the Internet, according to a survey by VTSIOM.

According to the study, 51% of citizens would try to vote using a computer via the Internet if they had the chance, 46% would not, 3% were undecided. While 44% first heard about that earlier, the state Duma adopted a law allowing the Russians to vote by mail or remotely over the Internet, 42% have heard something but without details, 14% well aware of this.

However, it is noted that if in the next election, respondents will be formally invited to choose the method of voting, 69% of respondents prefer the traditional voting by paper ballot, 23% - electronic vote through the Internet, 2% - postal voting, another 2% would not take part in the vote, and 4% were undecided.

As indicated in the survey approve of the opportunity to vote via the Internet 46% of respondents negatively reacted to this – 49%, found it difficult to answer 5%. If the Russians chose a remote way, it is most convenient they would be to vote with your home computer, laptop (30%) and using a special app in the phone (21%), via the website voting is on the phone (20%).

According to the study, the majority of citizens (65%) do not consider the useful function of changes of their choice during the voting day, 28% responded positively, 7% were undecided.

The initiative Russian opinion "polls-Sputnik" carried out jointly with the Center for political conjuncture, may 19, 2020. The survey polled 1,600 Russians aged 18 years. Survey method — telephone interviews in a stratified random sample of dibasic landline and mobile numbers. For a given sample size the maximum error with 95% probability does not exceed 2.5%.