In Russia the number of smokers over ten years have declined by 17 million

Smokers in Russia from 2009 to 2019 was less than 17 million people, said RIA Novosti in the Mediaofis national census in 2020, based on Rosstat data.

It noted that in 2009, active tobacco smokers was 39%, or nearly 44 million people of adult population of Russia. Among men the figure was of 60.2% (30.6 million people) among women, 21.7 percent (13.3 million). The average adult smoker smoked 17 cigarettes per day: men 18, women 13.

The smoke regions in 2019 appeared Chukotka (39% of the total population of the region), the Jewish Autonomous region (37,3%) and Zabaykalsky Krai (36.3 percent). Less smoke in Ingushetia (5.7 percent), Chechen Republic (10,2%) and Dagestan (10.4 percent).

As noted Mediaofis, citing data from Rosstat, at the same time it reduces the volume of the Russian tobacco market. The production of cigarettes in Russia in April 2020 compared to April 2019 fell by 19%. Last year, the production of cigarettes decreased by 11% compared to the 2018 year - to 229 billion units. The reasons for the reductions are several: they include the growth of the volume of illegal products, and the transition of smokers to alternative products (e-cigarettes), and the refusal of the Russians from Smoking.