Antonov evaluated the project on the U.S. withdrawal from treaties with the consent of the Congress

Russia's Ambassador to the U.S. Anatoly Antonov believes that the bill forbidding the us President to withdraw from international treaties without congressional authorization, has no chance for implementation.

Earlier, Senate Democrats ed Markey and Jimmy Panetta introduced in Congress a bill to ban the President to withdraw from international agreements without the consent of Parliament.

Antonov in interview to television channel "Star" said that in recent years it was possible to observe coherent destruction of architecture arms control: the US withdrawal from agreements on air defense, missiles of average and smaller range and open skies.

"The fact that the American legal system is that to pass you need party support and such it is today there in Congress. So, in short, I give this description: this project is stillborn, it will not be", - said Antonov.

According to him, even if the bill passes, the President of the United States Donald trump is right to veto this document and that to remove it would require two-thirds of the Senate. Today a split in the Senate is impossible, the Ambassador said.

"Therefore, I say that this curious initiative, but no more than that, she has no chance of being realized in practice", - explained the diplomat.