In Venezuela preventively imprisoned eight defendants in the case about the invasion

Anti-terrorism Tribunal of Venezuela issued a decree on preventive detention of a group accused of involvement in the attempted invasion of the country of a group of mercenaries.

In a statement, the Venezuelan Supreme court lists the names of the eight accused, including two women, according to the decision of the Tribunal will be transferred into custody. No two U.S. citizens who were detained in this case among a few dozen other people.

The defendants in the list are charged with treason, sedition, conspiracy with a foreign government, terrorism and illegal arms trafficking.

The interior Minister of Venezuela said on may 3 that the authorities had prevented in the state of La Guaira marine incursion of militants in speedboats from Colombia, eight attackers were killed. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said that the purpose of the invasion was killing him, and among the detained participants of attack - two US citizens, which he called personal protection officers of the American President. The US government and Colombia stated that it did not have a relationship to these events.

The Minister of communications of Venezuela, Jorge Rodriguez revealed details of a 41-page agreement with PMC Silvercorp, which, according to him, the Venezuelan side signed the opposition leader Juan Guido and two declared in the international search politics - opposition MP Sergio Vergara and political consultant from Miami Juan Jose Rendon. The document stipulates that the militants to assassinate the top leadership of the Republic could be in Venezuela for more than 400 days and are approved for the destruction of buildings, including government, and the total amount of the contract is 212,9 million US dollars.