Prokhor Chaliapin appreciated the degree of "lack of money" artists

During a pandemic coronavirus first and foremost is to maintain not the first "galaxy of stars", and those artists who do not have access to television, and therefore massive popularity. Wrote about this on instagram, the singer Prokhor Chaliapin.

The actor said that he has in mind those who work in the state and national theaters, restaurants, performing in circuses, choirs, dance ensembles.

He agreed with the musician Sergei Shnurov, noting that modern pop music is "nothing more than a get-together on TV." Chaliapin called for respect and compassion to those people to whom the artists perform and which are meant to entertain with his art.

In the days after the producer Joseph Prigogine that popular artists live in poverty due to the cancellation of speeches between him and musician Sergey Shnurov conflict broke out.

The leader of group "Leningrad" several times criticized Prigogine, and he said that Shnurova can't avoid "tough talk" and have to apologize to Valeria, which he mentioned in his poems.

Before about the plight of artists, and told the showman Sergey Glushko, known under the name of Tarzan. According to him, artists, in contrast to the "grandparents" not get a penny.

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