In Austria start to work hotels

A hotel company Austria on Friday, 29 may, will be able to resume work after a temporary closure due to the spread of the coronavirus.

Austria from April 14, beginning to ease the restrictive measures because of coronavirus in increments of two weeks. The next stage - may 29, when the hotels are allowed to open fitness centres and other sports clubs, as well as host events with up to 100 people.

The operation of the hotels will be accompanied by precautions. So, the staff must wear masks when in contact with clients, visitors must be masked at the entrance to the institution and at the front Desk. A minimum distance of one meter with outsiders is also not canceled.

The rules for the zone meals in hotels are the same as apply to the sphere of public catering: no more than four adults at one table, the distance between the tables - not less than 1 meter. Buffet will be possible under strict sanitary measures.

Despite this, the simultaneous opening of all the hotels in the country will not happen. Work will be resumed in stages, the part will be opened today, others in the middle or end of June.

Many chain hotels will open only one of their hotels. "No reservations at all, - told RIA Novosti the Manager on placing one of these hotels Sonja Basiani. - The twenty-ninth of may we open one of our five hotels. After will continue to monitor the situation, gradually revealing the rest, when the demand and the number of applications will increase," she explained.

To open now it makes no sense, from a financial point of view it is unsustainable. "The market of Vienna, is highly dependent on foreign tourists and business travelers. Until then, until will not resume flights and will not remove restrictions on travel, we are facing a very difficult time," - said the Agency interlocutor.

From 15 June Austria fully open borders with Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, the same plans about Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

Austrian Airlines Austrian Airlines from 15 June resumes regular flights to 27 cities of Europe, 22 June the aircraft will also fly to Kiev and Milan. Air traffic with Russia, Austria was suspended from March 17, to date, the ban was extended to 14 June.

As told RIA Novosti assistant Professor at the Institute of marketing management of the Vienna University of Economics Dieter Seitzer, the situation of tourism in Austria this summer promises to be deplorable. For hoteliers Vienna and Salzburg, the lack of foreign visitors particularly catastrophic.

"The situation with foreign tourism, urban tourism is very bad, it is virtually zero, because the borders are closed, entrances and exits impossible. In Vienna and Salzburg the situation is especially bad, because you can't come not only visitors from neighbouring European countries but also, first and foremost, American and Asian tourists, because the flights are still blocked. For the city's hoteliers, it's a disaster, says Seitzer. In Vienna, perhaps the travelers will be little more than nothing, because it developed and Convention tourism. But still, tourism is all bad."

According to him, with the opening of borders with neighbouring countries the situation may improve, but foreign visitors Austria "for a long time will not see." "Now is all very vague. We must look to the middle of June what happens. But I'm skeptical," - concluded the Agency interlocutor.