Trump told the details of the decree on the regulation of social networks

The US President Donald trump said that a decree on social networks, which he produced in Thursday, is intended to remove from online platforms protection from legal claims in connection with content editing.

Trump told reporters that the decree should "remove the shield of protection claims," if companies put content platforms censor or edit it.

In addition, the decree must ensure that taxpayers ' money went to companies that "suppress freedom of speech," added trump.

"We are here in order to protect freedom of speech from one of the biggest dangers," said trump.

"Imagine that your phone company would edit or censor your conversations. Companies social networking is much more power and coverage," explained trump. According to him, the editing of the content companies to become editors with their opinion, and that means losing the status of impartial sites for information.

According to him, technological companies formed a monopoly and have "full authority" by censoring and limiting communication.

"We can't afford it," concluded trump.

In turn, the Prosecutor General — head of the Ministry of justice William Barr announced that it will prepare a bill in cooperation with Congress on the regulation of social networks.

"Social networks have become very powerful, exposing themselves free public forums. Now they have changed, they use their power in the market for pushing a certain viewpoint. This is wrong. It is necessary to struggle," said Barr.

Previously the social network Twitter has outlined one of the messages trump as containing the truth, and placed under him a warning icon with a link to the article where it says that trump lied. Trump, in response, has threatened to strictly regulate or even close social network, if they continue to drown out the voices of conservatives. Social networks say they do not inhibit someone else's point of view, though delete or block content that contradicts their rules.