Residents will begin to test for antibodies to COVID-19

Tests for antibodies to coronavirus infection, similar to Moscow, will begin to do in Moscow from June 15, the first study will be performed in the presence of complaints, said the Governor of the region Andrei Vorobyov.

"At the end of March we only did 500 tests (for coronavirus - ed.)... today we go to 14 thousand tests per day. From 15 June we will add another 5 thousand ELISA (enzyme-linked Immunosorbent assay – ed) tests, the fact that Moscow is doing now," he said in the TV channel "360".

He noted that predominantly antibody tests will be done to residents complaints.

"There is a prioritization, who in the first place should be grounds for investigation, who in the second. We hope that everyone will be able to pass", - said the Governor.

Earlier, the Ministry of health of the region reported that the Moscow regional blood transfusion station conducts research for the presence of coronavirus antibodies in blood donors.

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