Volodin criticized fees from state employees to the new hospital in Saratov

Organize collections with the public sector for the construction of a new infectious diseases hospital with 400 beds in Saratov unfair and dishonest, such orders can only be given by people who have no head on their shoulders, said the speaker of the state Duma, a native of the Saratov region Vyacheslav Volodin.

As reported in the account of supporters in Instagram Volodin, public Thursday has received a lot of complaints from different districts of the region from employees of public institutions who reported that they were in "voluntary-compulsory" order offer to give up part of the salary to the account of donations for the construction of a new infectious diseases hospital in Saratov. Public reception Volodin gave him this information.

"This is not in any case to do, as initially the project of construction of hospital for infectious diseases is implemented as a charity, sponsorship. For it to transfer the funds big business, representatives of the business community and those who have the opportunity to invest. But to collect money from those people who need help, is unacceptable," - quoted Volodin in the post.

"It is not only unfair, but also dishonest. Such orders can only be given by unscrupulous people that have no heads on their shoulders. The region has various options for finding sponsorship and funding", - said the speaker of the state Duma.

Earlier, the authorities called on businesses and citizens to participate in the announced fundraising to support the construction of a new infectious center. Governor Valery Radaev explained that in the context of the epidemic of the coronavirus this medical center is essential, since all available relevant bedspace fragmented across multiple medical institutions, and the anti-concentration of forces in one place increases the efficiency of treatment of patients.

Volodin said earlier that the construction of infectious diseases hospital in Saratov is estimated at 1.2 billion, about a billion rubles will be required for equipment. Its construction with the support Volodina region 462,2 million rubles allocated by the budget of Moscow. According to first Deputy Chairman of the regional government Vadim Oikina, to put the object into operation is scheduled for September. The press service of the Governor of the region noted that the first of the eight buildings of the new hospital planned for June 15.

Only in the region of 2746 laboratory confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus, died, 34 patients recovered 1033.

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