Ukrainian schismatics called his number one goal

In Ukraine ignite passion around the main Orthodox shrines — Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. The dissenters demand that the authorities took her away from the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church. The petition for the transfer of the monastery of the self-proclaimed "Orthodox Church of Ukraine" caused a huge resonance. In the media there is a tough campaign against the inhabitants of the monastery. The situation is tense so that believers are afraid of civil war.

A crowd of young men in balaclavas with metal rods in his hands. But on the contrary, elderly women in headscarves with icons and crosses. At that moment, the nationalists rushed to his congregation. The fight to join the fighters "Berkut". They manage to push back the attackers from the gates of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.

There were dozens of wounded, but then, in 1993, the Shrine defended. Barely in the Ukraine (just one year earlier) were "the Kyiv Patriarchate", as his officials said about claims of the monastery.

With the establishment "of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine" (ptsu) at the end of 2018 call to take Laura sounded with new strength. Here and now dissenters wanted to implement a long-term dream.

In mid-April on the website of the President appeared the petition with the requirement to give the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra "Autocephalous Church." Its drafters believe that the monastery, supposedly controlled by Moscow.

Despite the absurdity of the arguments, the appeal was signed by more than 25 thousands of users. That is the number required to be considered power.

From the portal came the answer. To the disappointment of supporters of the DNC, nothing meaningful was not in it. Only links to the bills from which it follows that the sole owner of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra — the state.

The fact that the monastery is divided into two parts. Top, where stands the assumption Cathedral, Museum. And the lower caves, where the relics of Holy monks, from 1988 in the use of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, there is also its administrative centre. Only on major holidays, the clergy is the Museum part.

It is against the monks of the Lavra unleashed a large-scale information war, which and gathered signatures for a petition. At the end of March the monastery was declared almost the main hotbed of SARS-CoV-2 in Kiev, while the infected weren't there.

Three weeks later, when the virus has spread beyond the monastery walls, there were rumours about the mass deaths of the monks and the alleged complete lack of hygiene in the monastery. In the UOC then stated that follow all the norms of the fight against the epidemic.

"In light of this, how strange and even humanly ugly look the attempts of some forces to make a very real witch-hunt, said in mid-April, Chancellor of the Ukrainian Church, Metropolitan Anthony (Pakanich).

And before Easter, April 19, the Ukrainian media began to trumpet the fact that the vicar of the monastery Metropolitan Pavlo (Lebed) if to encouraged the believers to come to the festival in temples. After that, a number of public figures, including some members of Parliament demanded to take the monastery from the Church.

The appeal of the hierarchy to the laity was a fake, and he filed a lawsuit against the authors of the news "the Fifth channel". "Metropolitan requires the broadcasters to immediately refute the lie and to apologize to the believers," — said journalists the lawyer Elena Izhevska.

In late may, the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra after the quarantine was opened for pilgrims. However, now the monks have no peace. The dissenters in social networks and sympathetic media Excel in conspiracy theories. They say that the virus in the monastery brought specially. And no where else but straight from the Kremlin, which controls the canonical Church.

Representatives of the UOC-MP has repeatedly stated that they have full administrative and financial independence from the ROC. No Autocephalous status, but the rights of broad autonomy, which Kiev gave 30 years ago, is unprecedented.

"All internal Affairs of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church are settled here — in Ukraine and in Kiev. In contrast to the same PCU, which is important, in particular staffing issues — if they appeal — are discussed in Istanbul. And those who say that the Kremlin, Moscow we define agenda — worldview or information — you know that it is not" — said the TV channel KRT Archbishop Theodosius boyar.

But dissenters say they will continue to demand the "independence of the monastery from the Russian Church."

It is the position of the current President, publicly declared their non-interference in Church Affairs, and prompted supporters of the DNC to make a petition. Under Peter Poroshenko — the initiator of autocephaly — the rhetoric was completely different: Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, then threatened to clear the Muscovites by force.

Now, not feeling the support, the dissenters decided to take the current government down. They have already announced several similar stock.

However, the faithful of the Ukrainian Church is not left out. They also are gathering signatures, calling to prevent religious hatred.

"I think that this statement will sign up much more people, than a call to take Laura. His support in the East and in the centre and South of the country," says the historian of the Ukrainian Orthodoxy Vladislav parsley.

However, the dissenters, according to him, will not leave attempts to take Laura force — they consider the monastery as an important economic asset, because here come the tens of thousands of pilgrims. On his side, suggests the historian, ptsu to attract nationalists, considering the seizure of the Shrine as a large-scale anti-Russian campaign.

However, the last word in the fate of the monastery rests with the legal owner — the state. "I hope that the current government will have enough sense and conscience not to give Laura the dissenters. Indeed, in addition to canonical reasons, there is another reason why this decision is unfair: over the past 30 years the monastery has become a truly flourishing place thanks to the brethren," says parsley.

After the Euromaidan, 2014 the Kiev-Pechersk monastery could give the dissenters at any time. But this did not happen. According to parsley, it's all about the broad support of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the citizens. For any regime in this country, the transfer of Lavra not be painless.