In LNR called the condition for the cancellation of the mode of combat readiness

The self-declared Luhansk people's Republic will remove previously entered a state of alert after the adoption of Kiev of the package of additional measures to ensure compliance with the ceasefire regime in the Donbass, said at a briefing the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Republic, the Plenipotentiary representative LNR at the talks in Minsk Vladislav Danego.

Earlier, the head LNR Leonid beekeeper promised the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky "to push the line of contact" in case of continuation by the Ukrainian security forces shelling of the civilian infrastructure of the country. The people's militia LNR, units of the interior Ministry and medical institutions of the Republic on high alert. As stated by the foreign Minister LNR, Kiev is required to cancel orders for the high readiness of the people's militia LNR and DND.

"The full alert mode is today a stabilizing factor, which in the absence of effective additional measures to ensure sustainable ceasefire regime enables to restrain the aggression of armed forces of Ukraine. This reaction intensified with the beginning of the year, especially in April and may, the attacks on our territories from the Ukrainian side," - said Deynego.

According to him, so that later was able to deter the "Ukrainian aggression" that the republics must agree on and sign additional measures requiring the parties to the conflict not to open fire and establishing a direct link of the sides to prevent escalation of the conflict.

"This will allow us to shoot in the end, the full alert mode based on guaranteed with additional measures in a comprehensive, sustainable, indefinite ceasefire," said Danego.

According to the Plenipotentiary representative LNR at the meeting of the contact group, held via videoconference on Wednesday, a representative of Kyiv, Vice Prime Minister – Minister of uncontrolled Ukraine territories Alexey Reznikov refused to discuss the document, provide additional measures to ensure a cease-fire.

The Ukrainian authorities in April 2014 began a military operation against the breakaway LC and the DNI, which declared independence after a coup in Ukraine in February 2014. According to the latest UN victims of the conflict were about 13 thousand people. The settlement of the situation in the Donbass is discussed, in particular, during meetings in Minsk the contact group, which from September 2014 adopted three documents regulating the steps to de-escalate the conflict. However, after the armistice agreements between the parties to the conflict continue shooting.